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Gate Profitmil Turret Milling Machine

We have a very good used condition Gate Profitmil turret milling machine with slotting attachment for sale. Specifications are as follows Table size 1220 x 255mm 3HP main motor NT40 Spindle Comes with slotting attachment, X axis power feed quill feed ...


Reiden Universal Milling Machine

We have a Swiss made, Reiden Universal milling machine for sale. The machine is in good condition. Specifications are as follows Table size 1500mm x 360mm Power Feeds all axis 40 INT Taper Spindle Spindle Speed Range 44-1457rpm Travels 1300 x 600 x 3 ...


Schaublin Quality Swiss Tooling

Newmac Equipment Pty Ltd, agents for Schaublin high precision quality Swiss tooling. At the SCHAUBLIN production facility in Del mont, they have been designing tailored solutions to fit customers machining centers for many years. Several designs have ...


HMT FN2U Universal mill

Table size 1500mm x 300mm, power feeds all axis, 40 INT spindle, 45 to 1800 RPM, good condition machine.


Cougar RC 5VHL Turret Milling Machine

We have a very good condition, 3 phase, Cougar BC 5VHL Turret Milling Machine for sale. Specifications as follows Table size 1270mm x 305mm NT40 spindle taper Spindle speeds variable 70 to 3800 RPM 3.7kw 5HP spindle motor Features X Y Align power fee ...

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